CVLUX - California Vibe

Since launching in 2013, CVLUX has served as a cultural barometer within the Central Valley and Northern California regions. It was announced at the beginning of 2015 that CVLUX would begin distribution in Southern California. Accompanying the print publication is the digital interactive platform, LUX daily, which provides readers additional content beyond the pages of each edition.

The mission of CVLUX is to provide unrivalled content, which inspires and entertains its readers. From headline-making celebrity journalism to the inside of the most exclusive homes and renowned fashion houses, CVLUX inspires the cultural dialogue of today. When you invest in CVLUX, you are choosing a lifestyle, a brand, which represents superiority in print and marketing.

#CVLUX #LUXdaily California Vibe Magazine, representing superiority in print and all things lux.